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Sexbomb Nagasaki is a punkrock band from Amsterdam. We formed in 1999 and are still together in the original line up:

Siebe: drums
Ebko: bass & vocals
Harm: guitar & vocals
Sybe: guitar & vocals

Our songs are about the major themes of life: watching television, cruising for burgers, being bored and failing in love.

Our music is mainly inspired by the prospect of chicks, cash and eternal fame, but we have been listening to a lot of seventies punkrock as well. For more poppy influences we have stolen as much as possible from rock legends like The Police, The Kinks, The Beach Boys and Buddy Holly.

Combining raw energy with bubblegum sweetness, we are bringing the Fa Freshness™ to punkrock. So it's no surprise that our shows attract crowds of hysteric girls. Some members of the opposite sex even fainted while listening to our energetic, yet sensitive songs.